wotever's favorite office supplies

April 14, 2023

wotever's favorite office supplies

wotever inc. works toward having whatever you may need as a Film & TV crew. From anything you may need to stay warm or cool during Canada's rough seasons, to sewing accessories, organizers, and office supplies. Here are wotever inc's top choice of office supplies!
TYS Handheld Tape Dispenser.

Handheld Tape Dispenser

This  100% eco friendly handheld tape dispenser makes taping whatever you need much more convenient and easy! The strong blade help cut the tape with ease. Comes with a roll of tape!



Expandable Files

Organize all of your paper work with ease using this expandable file. This folder will help you to stay organize and keep all of your important document separated and categorized!



Fiskars scissors sharpener.

Scissor Sharpener

The scissor sharpener will help keep your favorite scissor as sharp as the day you bought them! It will save you from needing to buy new scissor every time your scissor blades get dull. This item makes it easy to keep all your scissors sharp for clean cuts. Simply insert a scissors with the Fiskars logo facing you and apply gentle pressure to the blades as you pull the scissors toward you. Usually, four strokes are enough to smooth worn blades, returning them to a sharp edge.


CM Mobile Phone Charger

Keep your iPhone and/or iPad charged with this USB to lightning connector charger. It is compatible with most iPhone and iPads.


Bazic Three-Ring Pencil Pouch

Pencil Pouch Binder Insert

 This three ring pencil pouch is great to keep all of your pens and pencils organized. It can be easily attached to most binders. It has a vinyl window with mesh cover to  allow you to see what you're carrying as well as a  zippered closure to keep everything in place.



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