April 19, 2024


wotever inc. is still offering amazing deals and liquidation on multiple products including PPE. Since the COVID-19 pandemic, PPE has become a standard to not only protect yourself from various viruses but also to protect others when you are sick. Wearing a mask on public transportations and in hospitals is still highly recommended and appreciated. Here are some of the liquidated PPE offered here at wotever inc. Some of the liquidated PPE products include high-quality face masks, gloves, and sanitizers that meet industry standards for protection against viruses.


*Prices may change after date of posting*

Reusable Cotton Face Masks

$4.00 - $8.00

Brubeck Reusable Cotton Face Mask

Individual 2-ply reusable face mask. 100% Cotton. Shapeable nose wire which can be removed for washing. Mask is made with 2 layers of cotton topped with *Silverplus technology which utilizes iconic silver for hygiene and protection against particulates and droplets. Guaranteed protection for up to 50 washes. National Institute of Public Health certified product. One size.


Disposable Face Masks

$5.00 - $19.99

FastAide Disposable Face Mask Box

A box of 50 disposable non-medical face masks with 3 layers for fluid resistence. Leak-proof non-woven and soft fabric with high density filter layer. One size 175mm x 95mm. Protects against non-toxic dust and contaminants. Recommended for maximum 2 hours of continuous use.

BiOSS Hand Sanitizer

$5.70 $18.99

BiOSS Lemon Hand Sanitizer

500 ml bottle of all natural hand sanitizer. Lemon scented with a pump top. Contains 75% ethyl alcohol and aloe extract which helps to leave the skin feeling smooth and cleansed. Used to protect against viral and bacterial infections. A Canadian made product that is Canada Health approved. Not tested on animals. Skin-friendly.



Safe Secure KN95 Masks

$40.00 $70.99

Safe Secure KN95 Disposable Mask Box

Box of 20 pieces. Disposable face masks with 4 layers of fluid resistance. Shapeable nose wire. Elastic holdings around the ear. Recommended for maximum 8 hours of continuous use. One size.


Isopropyl Alcohol 70%

$3.00 $9.99

500ml bottle of Best Isopropyl Alcohol

500 ml bottle of 70% alcohol. Topical Antiseptic for temporary relief of bruises, sprains and muscular aches. May be used to aid in preventing bed sores and reduce excessive perspiration. Apply as required. Used as a solvent, antiseptic, as a basis for isopropyl alcohol rub and to disinfect. Kills harmful bacteria and germs

Face Shield

$1.60 $3.99

CTG Face Shield

Anti-fog, elastic band& sponge headband. Dimensions of the face shield are 12.25x8.6".






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