About Us

Wotever inc. first opened its doors on March 3, 2003. The very next day, the SARS outbreak was officially declared in Toronto, bringing the film industry in the city to its knees.

It was tumultuous start, to say the very least.

Buoyed by 25-years of experience each, our two owner-operators managed to make it work. Keen focus on the needs and wants of their clients kept them relevant and in-demand, and a commitment to quality products and service kept their clients coming back.

The store developed a strong client base in the film, TV, and theatre industries, renting out equipment and all-season weather gear for both on and off-camera and stage. Soon the non-industry public started to discover all the shop had to offer, and the retail end of the business found a new audience.

In 2011, the shop expanded into its current location at 11 Dickens Street. It continues to grow, bringing in a diversity of clients from all over Toronto, and beyond.

Whether you're part of a film industry costume department, a theatre company, or dance studio, a crafting enthusiast, a DIY-er, an athlete looking for quality high-performance outdoor gear, or just looking for the right tools to spruce up some old duds, we've got what you need. And some other things you didn't realize you needed as well.

WOTEVER the weather, WOTEVER the conditions, WOTEVER you're looking for, we're your one-stop shop for WOTEVER you need!