World of Cosplay

September 14, 2022

World of Cosplay

Costume playing, also known as Cosplay, is a growing industry. Fans from all over the world dress up as their favorite characters from TV, films, video games, and anime to meet up at conventions and show off their creations.

Some prepare months in advance to have the perfect cosplay for the occasion.
Cosplayers are rapidly trending on Tiktok and social media, creating a growing fan base of the art of costume and props making.
Thanks to these tiktokers, this fandom has now become astonishingly popular. If you are interested in seeing Toronto's best cosplayers, head to fan expo, comic con, or Anime north! 


Sewing is a huge part of cosplay. Whether you are making the base of your cosplay or an entire ball gown, your sewing skills will be put to the test!

 If you are just starting out, Kamui cosplay, Punished props, and Kinpatsu cosplay are all great artists to learn from.


You may fill all your sewing and accessory needs at Wotever Inc. From thread, scissors, pins, and much more. Our sewing supplies are essential amongst film, theater, costume designers, and buyers and you now have access to the same products used by industry professionals.

If you have ever attended a cosplay convention , you start to realize that anything may happen. Things break at the worst possible time and wardrobe "malfunctions" are common. To save you from a costume mishap, come get your travel size sewing kit, your favorite fabric or prop glue, and wotever you may need for your convention adventures! Be ready to fix your cosplay on the go.


Leather work is an art in itself. It necessitates its own tools and materials. At wotever inc, we have what you require to dye, cut, care for, and hole punch your leather. We will recommend you the best product for your project and how to care for them to keep them as good as new as the years go by.


Wearing armor without the weight! Cosplayer are parading the conventions halls and want to be comfortable doing so. To accomplish that, cosplayer turned to EVA foam. A lightweight, easy to use material. A great deal of other materials are famously popular amongst the creators, such as Worbla and 3D printed props.

At wotever inc, you will have access to an assortment of sand paper, sanding blocs, and tools for weathering your cosplay and props. If you don't know what to get or how to use them, feel free to ask our staff to help you out!



Some of the fans favorites that we carry in store and online:

- E6000 for 3D prints

- Rubber cement

- Wide selection of paint brushes

- Gems-tac and fabric-tac

- Mind warp fake blood

- Safety sole pads for your home made boot,

(we don't want you to slip!)

If you like to make your own prop replicas then you know the search for the strongest glue is never over. At wotever inc. we offer a wide selection of glues and adhesives to suit all of your project needs!



Contact us at (416) 461-1033, email us at, or follow us on social media! And don’t forget to visit our store in-person or shop online to see our massive selection of proudly Canadian products.