Woolpower - On sale at wotever inc.

February 02, 2024

Woolpower - On sale at wotever inc.

Woolpower is a company based in Sweden. Their philosophy is to produce high quality products ethically that will last a lifetime. Companies like Woolpower can be hard to find these days with the fast fashion trend we are currently in. Their products are made in Sweden with most of the production made under one roof!

Durability And Quality

Woolpower has always worked towards a safe and ethical work environment for its employees.  All of their garments are made with quality and durability in mind. They focus on sustainable clothing that will last you many years. Every single one of their garments are quality checked three time during their making process. You can also find on the tag of your products the name of the seamstress who made your garment! To try to be as eco-friendly and keep their production waste to a minimum, Woolpower decide to sell their "second grade products". These items usually have a small manufacturing defect (stripes in the knitted fabric, crooked labels, slightly uneven seem lines, etc.) These garments are still perfectly fine but cannot be sold as a full price item. You can identify a second grade product by the tag as the seamstress who made the slightly defective item will cut off the tag with her name on it. These products can only be bought at their factory store in Östersund. If a product is deemed as imperfect and cannot be sold as part of their second grade items, they are given away to charities. 

Supply Chain

 Most of their suppliers are located in Sweden. the yarn making process is the only thing that is not located in Sweden as the country does not have enough "high quality" wool sheep. They have a similar issue with the lack of  washing and dying companies as well as spinning mills in Sweden. their merino wool comes from sheep in Uruguay and Patagonia. It is then washed and Dyed in Germany, then spun in Romania. The rest of the production process is made in Sweden!


 Woolpower strive to fight against the fast fashion industry. They make their products to withstand time and harsh environments. Woolpower's product collection has barely changed over the past 40 years for a good reason, their goal is to create items that will last a lifetime in terms of quality and style and not to produce new styles and collections every seasons.


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 The 1/4 Zip Turtleneck - 200

Woolpower Merino Zip Turtleneck

The 1/4 zip turtleneck from Woolpower is great for keeping the body’s core temperature regulated in cool to cold climates. This Merino wool base layer shirt with a quarter zip turtleneck for ventilation is made from Woolpower’s superior Ullfrotté Original 200 g/m² terry loop design featuring no lengthwise seams, minimizing chaffing and rubbing during peak physical activity. 

The Full Zip Jacket - 400

Woolpower Merino Full Zip Jacket 400

This Merino Wool full zip jacket has a high, double thickness collar and cuffs with thumb holes. The back is longer to prevent gaps, and the collar has the Woolpower logo knitted in.


The Full Zip Jacket - 600

Woolpower Merino Full Zip Jacket 600

Woolpower's thickest merino wool mid-layer yet, the Full Zip Jacket 600 provides supreme protection for the harshest of elements. Designed with the classic Ullfrotté Original material, this garment traps heat, wicks moisture, and fends off the cold…all while keeping you comfy.


The Unisex Merino Vest

Woolpower Merino Vest

Unisex merino vest made from Woolpower’s unique Ullfrotté Original Merino wool terry loop material making it the premiere undergarment for extreme moisture wicking and warmth protection. Warm insulating coverage of the body’s vital organs and the absence of sleeves makes this wool vest the optimal mid-layer wool garment for cold outdoor activity. Vest 400 features a straight bottom hem for superior unisex fit and comfort.


Wrist gaiter

Woolpower Merino Wrist Gaiter

The Merino Wool Wrist Gaiter 200 is a cool-weather winner, hands down. A terry-loop knit interior provides cozy insulation to the hand and wrist region. The exterior is a flat-knit design, available in multiple color choices, offering a stylish way to fight the cold. So whether it’s skiing or shopping, you’ll always have the upper hand with the Woolpower Wrist Gaiter 200

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