Winter Gear at wotever inc.

January 23, 2023

Winter Gear at wotever inc.

Canada is renowned for its harsh winters. When the season changes from autumn to winter, the temperature drops, the days get shorter, and it can be difficult to get accustomed to it. One thing that can help you go through this season more easily is to make sure you are well equipped to face the harsh temperature!  A good winter jacket is a must have in Canada.

Canada Goose

One of Canada's favorite brands is Canada Goose. If you are living in Canada, you will undeniably see a lot of people wearing this brand during the cold seasons. Not only because of their stylish look but because of their practicality and their ability to keep you warm. Over the years, Canada Goose has developed a scale to assign the warmest of their coats since not everyone needs a parka that withstands -40 Celsius. Their TEI (Thermal Experience Index) ranges from 1 to 5, 5 being the warmness coats. One of the most popular models is the Expedition jacket. Made to withstand the arctic cold, this jacket has been used by scientists for years now. 

Canada Goose is also known as the film and television jacket. It is not only popular on screen but also behind the scenes with production crews. wotever inc. started selling and catering specifically to production crews but has now expanded to the general public as well.  

Canada Goose Insider business documentary


Nobis is a Canadian brand that specializes in outerwear. Their jackets are made with ethically acquired coyote fur and down Canadian duck. They buy their furs from local hunter and trappers in Canada and the United States which helps control the coyote population. Their down is acquired through the food industry which has very high standards. 


Ohsho is a Canadian brand based in Quebec. The name comes from the French expression "au chaud"  which means to keep warm. Their clothing was made for active people who still wish to keep a stylish look. Their quilted clothes make for the perfect combinations between warmth and style. They also were made to be comfortable with their elastic waistband and versatile options.

Vegan Brands 


Save the duck is a company based in Italy. It is a vegan brand that is cruelty free and environmentally friendly as it often uses recycled materials to make their jackets. Their Plumtech made from polyester was made to be breathable and easy to move in and care for. They also have a separate collection made with their recycled Plumtech made with recycled plastic which you can distinguish by the green and white logo.




Audvik is a Canadian company based in Quebec. It was founded by two women in 1974. The name comes from an Inuit legend meaning quality of life. Their team hand makes all of their products in the fashion district in Montreal. They are an eco-friendly brand that use recycled water bottles to make their coats. Since their opening in 1979 they have reused 24 556 plastic water bottles and they say it is only the beginning!

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wotever inc.

At wotever inc. we carry Canada's favorite brands. We currently have amazing sells on soem of these brands, including Nobis, Save the duck, Audvik, Ohsho, Skhoop, Kombi, and more!  LIQUIDATION


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