Where to Shop for Great Valentine’s Day Gifts in Toronto

January 29, 2021

Where to Shop for Great Valentine’s Day Gifts in Toronto

February is right around the corner, and we’re rapidly approaching one of the most important dates of the year: Valentine’s Day. It’s the day where you get to express just how much you care about your significant other and shower them with gifts that will make them smile. 

This year, instead of the traditional flowers and chocolate, why not take a different approach to celebrating that special someone in your life? If you’re searching for unique Valentine’s Day gifts in Toronto, Wotever Inc. has some suggestions on how to get that oh-so-coveted “wow” reaction from your loved one. After all, nothing says “I love you” like a gift they actually need!

And if you’re happily single this Valentine’s Day, why not treat yourself to a wonderful gift? After 2020, you’ve earned it!

Celebrate Valentine’s Day in Toronto in style with these great gift ideas. 

Outerwear and Accessories

Valentine’s Day often evokes a warm and fuzzy feeling on the inside, but unfortunately, on the outside, the weather is still very much the opposite: frigid, harsh, and bleak. But Wotever Inc. can liven up these winter months (and many to come) with some killer outdoor gear and accessories. After all, we aren’t one of the top winter jacket stores in Toronto for nothing!

Canada Goose all-weather gear and jackets, as always, are a staple for Canadian winters. You can’t go wrong with the Mystique parka for ladies. The sleek design, knee-length fit, and coyote fur hood make this winter parka a must-have amongst celebrities around the world. There’s no better way to show you care than by keeping your loved one warm (not to mention stylish) through all those Canadian winters.

If you prefer to keep things a little more subdued when shopping for great Valentine’s Day gifts, gloves and mittens, or these Woolpower Merino wrist gaiters, make an excellent, affordable, stylish, and practical gift. Available in multiple colours, they are the perfect outdoor gear accessory, whether your partner is hitting the slopes or just hitting the mall. 

Our last outdoor gear suggestion has us focused on a part of the body that tends to get neglected on Valentine’s Day: the head! Hearts are everywhere, sure, but that doesn’t mean the noggin doesn’t deserve a bit of loving. The fleece-lined, grey heritage hat from Stanfield’s is a great way to show some appreciation, keep warm, and look good doing it. 

Pamper Their Feet 

From the top to the bottom, we’re looking at footwear now—a perennial classic. 

Check out our wide variety of men’s and ladies’ Bleuforet socks. Whether you want invisible socks that disappear into the shoe or bold patterned socks that you can display proudly, we have what you’re looking for. 

Another great way to pamper your loved one’s feet—aside from going to the spa—is with Moneysworth & Best Lamb’s Wool Insoles. These are absolute lifesavers for your feet when you’re out and about in those cold winter months. And considering we can’t exactly spend too much time insides shops and businesses these days, these 100% pure lamb’s wool insoles will help you and your special someone enjoy the outdoors without freezing your toes off!

Personal Care

As much as we’d all love a spontaneous trip abroad this Valentine’s Day, that doesn’t seem like a possibility at the moment. If you’re looking more for gifts that your loved one can use in the here and now, why not splurge on some personal care products? After all, there’s no better investment than yourself (or letting a loved one feel pampered). 

Get a great and absolutely timely Nano Mist Sprayer, so your loved one can be safe wherever they go. Whether your special someone want to save this for your next vacation together or keep it handy in their pocket as they jet off to the grocery store, this completely portable and rechargeable sanitizer is not just a great gift, it’s also very necessary. Make someone feel wanted by getting a gift that actively tries to keep them safe and health. 

If your special someone is a shoe addict, a brand-new pair of shoes could be the perfect gift this Valentine’s Day. But what if they already have a million pairs of shoes? Why not get them the perfect item to complement their shoe collection? This all-in-one cedar Moneysworth & Best Deluxe Valet Kit is one of the best shoe care and accessories in Canada. Featuring black and brown shoe polish, professional polishing cloths, sponges, and brushes, this handy shoeshine kit will have your loved one looking their best—from head to toe!

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We hope this helped with your Valentine’s Day gift shopping in Toronto! But if you still haven’t found that perfect something yet, the team at Wotever Inc. can help! 

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