What Are the Best Sewing Supplies for Beginners to Pros?

March 25, 2021

What Are the Best Sewing Supplies for Beginners to Pros?

Having the right sewing technique is only half the battle—you also need the right sewing supplies to complement your awesome skills! If you’re looking for sewing supplies in Toronto, then Wotever Inc. has everything you’ll need. See below for some awesome sewing supplies for beginners and pros alike.

Scissors and Cutting Supplies

Scissors and Cutting SuppliesThread might look pretty fragile, but it’s actually kind of tough. Old or weak scissors simply won’t cut it (pun intended). So, you’ll need a handy pair of scissors to make quick work of it and cut it to the exact specifications of your project. 

The Esprit mini sewing kit included 10 pre-threaded needles & folding scissors and is very affordable at under $4. 

If you’re looking for something a little more robust, then the Olfa rotary cutter is the choice for the sewing obsessive in your family.

Thread and Needles

Thread and NeedlesYou won’t get very far without thread and needles. The good news is that we have a variety of sewing supplies that are perfect for all your projects. 

The Prym rubber bobbin ring is a great way to store all your bobbins in a single, compact package for easy access. 

An alternative to the Prym kit, the Husqvarna Viking threaded needle sewing kit is a mini sewing kit that comes complete with 10 threaded needles with 100% polyester thread. Available in a variety of colours, it also includes two safety pins and two white plastic buttons. 

As for thread, the Prym rainbow thread braid is portable, affordable, and contains a huge variety of colours. Meanwhile the Gutermann thread works in almost all projects and won’t cause fiber lint and seam crimping. It’s also very strong and resistant to tearing!

Measuring Tapes and Tools

Measuring tapes and toolsYou’ll need quality tape measures and tools to ensure that you’re getting everything exactly right.

See our mutli-coloured measuring tapes and three piece Meta buttonhole eyelet cutter kit to help you get your sewing job done right.


Tailor Markers and Pens

In addition to measuring tapes, you’ll need tailor markets and pens to guarantee you’re making the cuts you want to make. 

Check out this heart-shaped tailor’s chalk from Unique if you want to literally make designs from the heart. And don’t forget the refill cartridges for when you run out!

For those looking for more traditional drawing choices, the Dritz chalk cartridge set comes with eight colours and eight sticks of white chalk, as well as a sturdy pen holder.

Multipurpose Sewing Kits

Multipurpose Sewing KitsThese handy sewing kits are your all-in-one saviours. 

The Dritz sewing machine maintenance kit is an 11-piece set that includes a small lint brush, a needle inserter, machine oil, two flathead and one Phillips-head screwdrivers, a needle threader with a small round magnifier, and four needles. 

If you’re in need of braided elastic, then the Cansew Flat Braid Elastic makes an excellent choice. 

Want to get some sewing done on the move? Try this 10-piece mini travel sewing kit.

And if you’re looking for a one-purchase-satisfies-all buy? Then the Esprit “Sew All" sewing kit includes 16 items has everything you’ll need to get your project up and running.

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