What Are Some of the Best Hangers for Closets and Organization?

April 07, 2021

What Are Some of the Best Hangers for Closets and Organization?

If you’re having trouble finding your favourite sweater or keeping your closet in order, you’re not alone! Closet organization can often become an afterthought as your space gets fuller and fuller with clothes and hangers and just more stuff

But when you use the best hangers for closet organization, you can put an end to wasting time sifting through the chaos and instead keep things tidy and simple. For every type of clothing, there’s a perfect selection of wardrobe hangers at Wotever Inc.!

We carry hangers that are compact, easy to handle, and great for keeping your closet space organized. Let’s explore some of the best hangers for closet organization around.

Hangers with Clips

All these hangers come with clips that are uniquely designed to fit the exact garment. Whether it’s pants and skirts, kids clothing, ladies’ suits, or men’s suits, closet organization starts with having the right hanger for the job. 

The best part is that many of these hangers with clips are sold in large quantities, so you’ll have enough hangers for all items in your wardrobe.

Shoe Drying Hangers and Organizers

Canadian weather can be unpredictable, and our shoes sometimes take the brunt of it. If you’re in need of somewhere to store your shoes while they dry off, then these shoe drying hangers are the perfect solution.
And for those people that have lots of shoes and little storage, you can store them without taking up tonnes of space with this hanging shoe organizer.

Dritz Clips and Dry Hook Hangers

Speaking of drying, these Dritz clips and dry hooks are not just great for getting your laundry air dried, but also for hanging up kids’ artwork when not in use!

Whether you’re looking for good ol’ fashioned clothes pegs for drying or small packs of mini “S” hooks for all your hanging needs, at Wotever Inc., we have it all!

Hanger Accessories

The key to closet organization is sustainability; once you find a way that works for you, you need to stick to it. That means preserving your favourite hangers with covers and foam strips, as well as protecting your clothes with these shoulder dust covers.
And if you need a solution for storing all your hangers when they’re not in use (so they don’t end up cluttering your closet!) check out these folding hangers storage from Dritz.

Hooks, Bath/Closet Rod Hangers, and Reach Poles

hangers and rich polesKeeping organized is also a matter of maximizing what you can do in your space. These hooks can latch onto bathroom or closet rods to provide that extra room. And for those hard-to-reach areas in your closet, check out these hanger reach poles.



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