Valentine's Day at wotever inc.

February 09, 2024

Valentine's Day at wotever inc.

Valentine's Day is known to be the most romantic day of the year. Couples celebrate their love on this day. The holiday dates back to the ancient Roman festival/ritual called Lupercalia. This festival taking place in February was a pagan celebration of  fertility and the arrival of spring. This holiday helped make the month of February known as a month of romance. Other religions like Christianity started their own holiday in mid February (Valentine's day). Some believe the month was chosen for its Romantic history  while others believe it was placed there to assimilate the pagan festival. Valentine's day now holds both Christian and Roman traditions. During the 5th century, the Pope declared February 14th as the official Valentine's Day and thus banning the Pagan festival for its "un-Christian" values. Many myths surrounds Saint Valentine and to this day the backstory of the holiday and Saint are still vague.

Who Is Cupid Valentines Day Symbol Eros Greek Mythology

Another popular figure of Valentine's Day is Cupid. Originating again from the Roman mythology and also the Greek God of love Eros. Cupid (Eros) was know to be a handsome but mischievous God who played with both men and Gods by using his golden arrows to fuel love. It was only in the Hellenistic period (323 BC) that the image of Cupid changed to what it is today. 


Date Ideas - Toronto

1- Candlelight's Concert "Romeo and Juliet"

 "Candlelight concerts bring the magic of a live, multi-sensory musical experience to awe-inspiring locations like never seen before in Toronto. Get your tickets now to discover Valentine’s Day inspired music at The Metropolitan Community Church of Toronto under the gentle glow of candlelight." 1

2- Ripley's Aquarium "under the sea" diner

 "It’s that time of year to reel in the one you love and take a trip beneath the waves to share an intimate dinner along some of our most spectacular exhibits.

Make them turn to jelly with dinner options at our tropical Rainbow Reef exhibit, dine with our friendly rays at Ray Bay, or be dangerously in love seated below our epic shark tunnel!" 2

3- Classic restaurant Diner

 One of the most popular Valentine's Day celebration is a nice diner at your favourite restaurant. February 14th is one of the busiest days for restaurants. Tables are often booked weeks if not months in advance to prepare for the holiday. 

 wotever inc. Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

 For Her:

Skhoop Greta wrist warmers

SKHOOP Greta Wrist Warmers

The Greta wrist warmers keeps your hands and wrists warm on those chilly Winter days. Inspired by traditional Nordic patterns, these wrist warmers match perfectly with our Greta Beanie.Comes in 3 colours; Navy, Dark Sweet Red & Grey. O/S. 80% Lambswool 20% Nylon.

Clapham's Hand cream

Clapham's Hand Cream with white background

Clapham's Beeswax Hand Cream is rich with ingredients which will soothe and protect your skin. Use it two or three times a day and you will notice the improvement of your skin within a week. Mildly scented with natural essential oils of lavender and rosemary. Contains 50g of product.

 Hand knitted wool toque by wotever inc.

Hand Knitted Toque

Hand knitted wool toque made by wotever inc. Comes in various colors. Email or call for color availability.



For Him:

Ganka Aviator Hat

Ganka Aviator Hat

The Aviator Hat by Ganka is a Faux Leather hat with Faux Fur. Comes in a size Small to Extra Large in brown or black! It is a comfy classic look and makes for the perfect gift!


Auclair Aya Leather Gloves

Auclair Aya Leather Glove

Experience the perfect blend of style and functionality with the Aya glove. Made with a cow leather and an extended ribbed knitted wool cuff, the Aya combines sophistication with warmth. The light polar fleece lining and 3M Thinsulate insulation ensure optimal comfort in colder temperatures. It features a three-piece back with double stitches, a separate leather binding cuff, and a pull tab on the palm side for easy on and off.


Sprigs earbags

Sprigs Earbags Bandless Ear Warmers

The patented cozy fit Earbags® bandless ear warmers wrap around your ear and stay on snugly and comfortably. With two soft layers of fleece, and lined with Thinsulate® for warmth and insulation, Earbags keep the warmth in and the cold out. Our ear muffs are the lightest on the market and can be easily stored in your favorite jacket so you always have them when the weather gets cold! 

For Them:

Mitten Fleece Lined - Canada

Kombi Mitten XR-30 Silver Mitten Liner Mens O/S

One pair of fleece lined mittens with the Canadian Flag design. 



Clapham's Lip balm

Three Clapham's lip balm tins against white background

These 12g hand-poured lip balms are available in three different flavours to choose from: Peppermint, Tea Tree, and Propolis. They are all natural and made in small batches.


Laska Knit Toque

Laska Knit Toque

The Laska double knitted toque has a folded brim. One size. Comes in Grey





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Valentine's Day - History Channel

1: Candlelight's Romeo and Juliet 

2: Ripley's Under The Sea Diner