Toronto's growing production industry

February 03, 2023

Toronto's growing production industry

Ever since productions started filming again after applying the new COVID protocols, Toronto's production industry hasn't stopped growing. Since then, the industry has been advancing at an incredible rate. In 2019, the Toronto film industry contributed 2.2 billion dollars to Toronto's economy. This amount was even surpassed in 2022 with a 2.88 billion contribution which is believed to be  surpassed again in 2023.

Future supply and demand

Toronto is now working on supplying workers and studios space to accommodate the increasing demand. By 2025, Toronto is set to increase its Studio space by 63%. Not only by  expanding existing Studios but also building a new studio space on Toronto's waterfront. Some of the biggest Production companies like Netflix and Amazon Prime now have permanent Studio spaces in the city. Since 2019, Netflix has been renting Studio space at Cinespace and Pinewood studios.  

 Toronto Productions

Toronto has been home to some of the biggest Canadian  and American productions over the pass few years. The  award winning film The shape of water was filmed in this city as well as some of Netflix Top 10's shows like The umbrella academy, The Queen's Gambit, Titans, Ginny and Georgia, and much more! Amazon also filmed their very popular shows The boys and Star Trek Discovery in Toronto. We will most likely see a lot more productions filmed in Toronto this year from these companies!


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