Tips and Tricks on taking better Selfies!

January 12, 2024

Tips and Tricks on taking better Selfies!

If you have ever taken a selfie and felt completely defeated after, you are not alone! As simple as it may seem, taking the perfect selfie is much more complicated than one would think. From lighting, angles, background, and poses, there is a lot of preparation and sometime planning behind a "simple" selfie. 
Here are a few tips and trick to taking a great selfie!

Tips and Tricks

Here are the most important things for taking a great selfie!

1.  Lighting

Having  good lighting can completely change the quality of some pictures, that includes your selfies! Natural light is always recommended for taking pictures. You definitely want to avoid any lights coming from screens like a Tv, phone, or computer. You should also avoid bright whites ceiling bulbs. Instead, stand close to a window or stand outside even!  To get the "perfect" lighting, plan to take your selfie an hour before the sun sets or an hour after the sun rises. This time is often called Golden hour as it will give you a golden, warm light for your picture! 

2. Poses

There are many possibilities when it comes to posing for a picture, even for Selfies. Some of the classic ones include a nice natural smile, a serious face with the month slightly open, naturally brush your hand in your hair, or even take a mirror selfie.


3. Angles

This is what a lot of people struggle with. Having a good angle when taking your picture is extremely important. A good trick is to look up to the camera with the camera slightly higher than your face. Try taking a selfie with the bottom of your phone lined up to your eye line. Turning your face slightly to the side or moving your phone to one side can also help, just make sure you are still looking up at the camera. 

4. Use your camera features

Using the back camera on your phone will greatly help get a better resolution. Most phones now have an incredible back camera, it is recommended to use this one for higher quality pictures. 

For iPhone users, try using the portrait mode! It automatically blurs the background to keep the focus on you. 

5. Background

Keeping your background simple will help keep the focus on you! You can also try choosing a background that includes colour that will complement your outfit and skin tone. Of course having some interesting background can be a good option as well, it truly depends on what you are trying to show!


6. Editing and filters

No ones likes an over-edited picture, but sometimes it can be very helpful to edit some small imperfection. Don't be shy to even out your skin tones, get rid of blemishes, or edit other small details that may bother you. Try playing with a couple of filters and see if you like any of them!


7. Take lots of pictures

Another common mistake is to only take one or two pictures. To get the perfect shot, make sure to take as many pictures as necessary. Switch poses, filter, lightning, and find what works for you.

8. Try using a Selfie stick

eLink Selfie Stick
Selfie sticks are an amazing tools when taking Selfies. It is ideal when taking a group selfie, or to capture more of the scenery behind you. It will help avoid the awkward "long arm" pose as well as make your selfie less shaky. You will no longer need to ask strangers to take a picture of you and your friends . You can take a nice body shot as well! The Selfie stick is lightweight, easy to use, and compatible with most smartphone!



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