The Perfect Bra Accessories!

August 11, 2023

The Perfect Bra Accessories!

 Finding the perfect bra is an endless struggle. To make your bras feel and fit better, multiple brands have come up with great accessories. Here are some of our favourite at wotever inc.

Flaunt - Silicone inserts

Flaunt offers 4 different types of silicone bra inserts. The Scuplt, Flirt, Glam, and Umph. Each style serves a different purpose and size.


The Glam insert was created for cups "A" or "B". It helps enhance the cup size to one size bigger by hugging the figure while naturally blending in, giving as a result a curvier looking shape.

The Scuplt insert is great to shape and contour the breast. It is ideal for a full figured lady. It provides a well shaped and smoother bust line!

The Flirt insert is perfect to taper and boost the cleavage. It is the best option for a plunging and provocative décolleté. It is suited for various cup sizes.

Last but not least, the Umph insert, gives your silhouette an extra Umph! The insert will help create a subtle and enhanced bust line. It is the most versatile insert as it can be place in various places in your bra.

Bra converter and Extender:

Unique, Bra-Back Extender, 1-1/4" (32mm), Black

The double or single bra hook extender. Perfect to add width to your bras. No sewing needed. Comes in multiple colours (black, white, and nude)


Fashion Essentials Bra-back Converter Clear

The bra converter is perfect for lowering the bra back when wearing low back and backless fashions. The Bra Back Converter lowers the back band by 2 to 3 inches so it will not be seen. It attaches around the front waist area and has an adjustable slider for added comfort.

Nipple covers:

Fashion Essentials, nipple covers. Silicone. Fleshtone.

From reusable silicone covers (up to 25 uses) to one time use disposable nipple covers. They come in two shades, light tone and dark tone to accommodate everyone. 



Be Confident Racer Back Bra Clip 3 pk Thin

This Racer back bra clip is designed to hide bra straps while adding lift and support. A fully detachable bra accessory that converts your favourite bra into a cross back style. So thin and comfortable and easy to use.


Fashion Essentials, wash bag/"bra saver".

The wash bra saver protects and extends the life of your bra in the wash. No more wire pop out, lumpy padding, snags or pulls from machine washing. Our cylinder shaped washbag with it's built in frame and extra cushioning will extend the life of your bra.

Fashion Essentials Shoulder Cushion

Stop bra slippage and ease shoulder discomfort and indentation with the 100% silicone shoulder cushion. The transparent low profile design means they disappear under clothing. Two fold over flaps hold bra straps of any width in place.

Be Confident Clear Bra Straps 3/4" Wide

Make your bra straps disappear! Clear straps can be used on bras with detachable straps. Attach it to existing loops inside your bra, and your ready to go!



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