The OHSHO Insulated Skirts at wotever inc.

February 23, 2024

The OHSHO Insulated Skirts at wotever inc.

Insulated skirt have been a hidden gems in winter fashion for a few years now. The Montreal based brand OHSHO has completely understood the need for not only warm winter clothes but also fashionable ones! They now have a few design of insulated garments including the classic long skirt, The Amanda skirt and The Short Skirt, The Lucia Skirt!


The insulated skirts are an incredibly unique garment that has gained popularity amongst the winter fashion industry for its practicality and overall look. The Amanda and Lucia skirts are a prefect blend of warmth and fashion. The insulated skirts are challenging the traditional winter gear industry by combining the incredible comfort of a skirt with the warmth and coziness of insulation! The insulated skirts offers warmth without the bulkiness of your classic winter gear. 


The Amanda and Lucia skirts offers versatility with its styling options. You can pair it with jeans, leggings, boots, heels, or sneakers. You can change it up depending on the occasion. You can wear it while out for a run, a hike, or while running errands. The skirts makes layering easy, you can wear it on top of your favorite pants with your favorite shirt, turtleneck, blouse and more. It is incredibly easy to slip on and off. The front and side zippers allows you to move freely. The insulated skirts are incredibly easy to travel with as they are light and take minimum amounts of space in your luggage!


 The Amanda Long Skirt

Amanda is the perfect skirt to keep you warm on cold winter days while walking your dog, trekking in the woods, or hiking in the mountains! - Waist stretch panels - Hand pockets - 20D ripstop 100% nylon, breathable, water resistant. Comes in Black and Navy (Marine).


OHSHO also offers a shorter version of the skirt called Lucia. 

The Lucia Short Skirt

Ideal to keep you warm and looking fabulous while après skiing after a day on the slopes. You can also look stylish by wearing it over leggings in the city while running errands. You will find yourself reaching for your insulated skirt time and time again as it will become an essential in any circumstance. Side and waist stretch panels. comes in black or pink!


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