The importance of keeping your feet warm!

January 19, 2024

The importance of keeping your feet warm!

Keeping your feet dry and warm during the Canadian winter is more important than one might think. Having wet feet, especially when it's cold, can lead to health issues like fungal infections, blisters, and frostbites. These conditions can also lead to worse health problems. Having wet feet can be caused by wet temperature like rain or melted snow, but also by sweating. Having warm feet can actually help open up blood vessels and allow for a better blood flow. Using a high insulated boot in a climate too warm can cause the feet to sweat which will in consequences turn your feet cold.

Buying the right footwear:

Buying the right footwear depends on the type of winter you get in your area. If you live in a wet and cold environment, getting a waterproof winter shoe might be a better option than very warm winter boots. Go for an ankle height (or higher) shoe with good traction for the icy streets.  For dry and colder climates, go for an insulated warm winter boot or insulated insoles. Having boots with a rubber bottom will be very helpful for spring when the temperature is still cold enough to require boots but hot enough for the snow to start melting.

Certain foot conditions can make your feet more sensitive or at a higher risk of health problems. Blood flow conditions like Reynaud's and Buerger's disease will require you to pay extra attention to the warmth of your feet. Other health issues like a past stroke or diabetes that can damage your nerve endings may become dangerous in the winter. 


Sheepskin Insoles

white and burgundy box for M&B sheepskin insoles

Sheepskin insoles make for a great insulated insole. It will keep feet comfortably warm and dry on cold days. The structured undersole has a non-skid effect, preventing your feet from sliping in your shoes. It will help insulate your footwear, wick away moisture, and the plush design offers comfort and support.



Ice Cleats

Life Sports Gear City Ice Cleats

These ice cleats give your feet the traction you need to walk through the city with confidence in the icy winter weather. Whether you're at the dog park, strolling down city streets, or racing around an exterior set, these easy-on cleats will stop you from sliping in the snow (and the ice hidden under it), so you stay safe and your bum stays dry, all winter long.


Grabbers Foot warmers

Grabber Warmers - Full foot Single S/M

These air-activated warmers start heating in just a few minutes after the package is opened - no shaking or kneading required. Great for skiers, snowboarders, hunters, campers, and anyone suffering from health-related cold hands, these hand warmers enhance your enjoyment of outdoor winter activities.


Lite Crew Merino Wool Socks

Wigwam Lite Crew Merino Socks - Unisex

Merino wool softness and comfort meets durability in Wigwam's  merino lite crew sock. Reinforced heel and toe, lightweight cushioning, and a virtually seamless toe closure keep your feet dry and comfortable in cold and wet winter weather.


Snow Guard Spray

Snow Guard™ Boot Protector With 15% Silicone & Beeswax | Walmart Canada

Repels the elements and protects leather and suede footwear. Protects against rain, sleet and snow. Contains 15% beeswax and silicone.



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