Special Gifts for Your Mother on Mother’s Day!

April 15, 2021

Special Gifts for Your Mother on Mother’s Day!

Really, we should spend more than just one day thanking our mothers. They’re there for us whether we win or lose, whether we’re happy or sad, or strong or weak. A loving mother is about the best person you can have in your corner. And they do all this supporting, day in and day out, with pretty much no fanfare and celebration. And that makes Mother’s Day—one day of the year where we set everything aside and focus on our moms—so special. 

So, let’s take a look at some outdoor gear, shoe care, and accessories in Canada that can make your mom smile and show her even just the slimmest glimpse of how much you appreciate her. You can get all your shopping done with Wotever Inc. and support local Canadian businesses with our extensive stock of Mother’s Day gift options!

Shoe Care Products

Pamper your mom from head to toe…starting with her feet! For the lover of shoe supplies and accessories, see our French-made Blueforet floral velvet cotton roll-top socks. And if you’re looking for Wigwam socks in Toronto, we carry those, too. 

We also carry gel insoles for high-heels lovers, so your mother can kiss sore feet goodbye (on second thought, maybe avoid kissing feet that have been stuck in heels all day!)

And if you’re looking for some non-slip adhesive sole grips for those dancing and fancy moms, check out our online stock.


OrganizersMost moms have a ton of stuff on their plates—from running a household and home schooling their kids to kicking butt at the (home) office. What she needs is a way to get organized! 

That’s why we offer these CTG bag organizers, so your mom can keep her horde of Mother’s Days gifts neatly and safely stored. And for moms who love to travel, see our hard-sided faux-crocodile skin travel case

If you’re looking for that perfect companion piece for that new purse mom just got, try out these purse organizers

Outerwear and Clothing Accessories

Canada Goose outerwearQuit googling “winter jackets store near me.” For the outdoorsy and stylish moms, try a Canada Goose ladies Shelburne parka

What if you want to show your mother some appreciation but money is a little tight? No problem—the Trespass Ollo down jacket is perfect for any mother that loves to be out and about. 

For the rain, the Skhoop raincoat will keep your mother dry, warm, and looking great.

Gift Personal Care and Protectants

Nano mist sanitizer sprayerWhat says “I love you more” than getting products that will help keep your mother safe and looking fabulous? 

Try these disposable masks for a practical and necessary Mother’s Day gift. In keeping with this theme, pair them with a nano mist sanitizer sprayer that can help keep her safe. 

You can also try this collapsible hair dryer for travel moms. And complement any makeup/beauty kit with these nail files.

Visit Wotever Inc. in Toronto for More Gifts Options

Shoe supplies, accessories, personal care products, and outdoor gear are just the start of the gift options you can find at Wotever Inc

We are a one-stop-shop for sustainable and ethically sourced products that make great gifts for your mother! 

Contact us at (416) 461-1033, email us at info@wotever-inc.com, or follow us on social media! And don’t forget to visit our store in-person or shop online to see our massive selection of proudly Canadian products.