Rain Gear

February 17, 2023

Rain Gear

Toronto had one of its mildest winter this year. The temperature is increasing at an incredible rate. We are even expecting temperature in the double digits this week. These days, we are more likely to get rain than snow. With this is mind, wotever inc. offers whatever you may need to protect yourself from the rainy days ahead.

Raincoats and Ponchos

At wotever inc. we sell disposable raincoats and ponchos to protect your coats and your clothes from the rain. For a more permanent solution, we also carry a selection of raincoats from brands like Skhoop, Trespass, Outdoor Research, Sherpa, Ex-Officio, and more! We even have the perfect raincoat for your dogs!


Rain Gear Accessories

At wotever inc. we do our best to carry whatever you may need. To make sure you stay dry during the rainy seasons, we offer a wide variety of umbrellas like Golf umbrellas or bubble umbrellas! For those of you who works in the film industry, we also carry a clampable umbrella to clip onto your chair on set.


To protect your shoes and high heels, we offers high heels covers to protect your heel from rain and mud as well as rubber shoe covers for your other pairs of shoes.

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