Quartz Co. Foresee Production Remaining in Canada

January 09, 2020

Quartz Co. Foresee Production Remaining in Canada

In a recent interview featured on the Montreal Gazette, Jean-Philippe was asked if his Canadian brand would ever consider moving production to Asia in order to cut costs. His response was that they do not envision this happening. He spoke of the "seal of quality" which is associated with producing in Canada. Quartz Co. is not willing to compromise the quality of their products for lower production rates, and prefer to have control of the process.

Quartz is run by three trained engineer brothers; Jean-Philippe, Francois-Xavier and Guillaume Robert. They acquired the company in 2015, and since have redesigned, re-branded and modified distribution to make it a successful Parka company. We proudly sell Quartz parkas in support of our Canadian manufacturers. They currently produce out of three facilities, all located within Quebec.

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For more information visit: https://montrealgazette.com/business/local-business/montreal-coat-maker-refuses-to-shift-factories-to-asia