Happy Pride Weekend

June 23, 2023

Happy Pride Weekend

Pride month's history in Canada goes back to 1969, when homosexuality was decriminalized on May 14th. With the efforts of many groups like GATE, the 2SLGBTQIA+ community was able to make changes in Canada. The first Gay Rights protest was in August 1971, on Parliament Hill where people from Quebec and Ontario gathered to protest against the injustices they were facing. This protest was the foundation of the Pride festival we know today. The first Pride week was actually in August 1973, which included art festivals, dancing, and picnics. 

It was only in 1973 that homosexuality was removed as a mental illness in Canada, WHO (World Health Organization) only removed being Transgender as a mental illness in May 2019.

The Province of Quebec was the first province to include sexual orientation in the Human Rights on December 16th 1977, Canada included it in their Human Rights in June 1996. Other rights were added over the years such as the Legal adoption rights in Ontario on May 14 1995, and the same-sex Marriage act on May 13 2019.1

Toronto Pride Parade 2023

This year's theme for the Parade is "Here, There, Everywhere". The Toronto Pride Parade will take place along Yonge and Church Street from Bloor street to Carlton Street. The Parade will include the Trans march, the Dyke March, the Pride Parade, and the Marchers route as well as Live music, Art Exhibits, Street Fairs, and more! Events are happening throughout the month in downtown Toronto, you can participate in seminars, drag events, shows and more!2 

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wotever inc. wishes everyone a happy Pride Month! 


Interesting Websites:

1- QueerEvents - History

2- Pride Toronto

LGBTQ2S+ RE, 2 Spirit



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