MoneysWorth and Best

July 21, 2023

MoneysWorth and Best

Moneysworth and Best's mission has always been to promote the importance of caring and repairing your shoes since a good pair of leather shoe is incredibly sustainable and more eco-friendly then a lot of it's vegan counterparts if well taken care of. The company was founded in the 1980's in Toronto, Ontario. The first M&B store was a shoe repair shop. In the two years following the opening of the store, M&B was able to expend their business to over 20+ store in Ontario and Quebec not only as a repair store but as a retail store for their products. To this day, the company still operates out of Brampton, Ontario. They are now the biggest shoe repair franchise in North America with 26 locations across Canada. You can also find M&B products across the world, including Japan, the USA, Spain, Germany, Italy, and more!



Moneysworth and Best Premium Mink Oil

Moneysworth and Best makes a variety of polish and conditioners for leather, suede, and other. At wotever inc. we offer many of their products such as the Dubbin Leather conditioner, the liquid, sponge, and cream shoe shine, the Neats foot oil, and Mink oil. You can also purchase the shoe polish as a kit which comes with the shoe polish, the two sizes of the horse hair brushes, and the polishing cloth.


M&B Pro-Tex Water and Stain Protector

M&B also makes many protector for all types of weather and materials. From Water and Stain protector, to the Snow Guard spray, as well as the leather and fabric protector. There is also a high heel protector to prevent scratches on floors and sinking in grass!


M&B, 3 piece Sheepskin care kit.

To clean your shoe, M&B offers some cleaning products especially made for your shoes. They have products for leather as well as suede. The nubuck and brush kit is perfect to restore the look of your suede shoes and fabrics. The sheepskin care kit will help you clean and protect your sheepskin boots. The winter wipes are a great on-the-go product to remove salt stains off of your leather shoes. To clean any type of shoe, the foaming cleaner will help you clean but also prolong the life of your footwear!


Moneysworth & Best Gel Heel Cushions

M&B makes insoles not only for comfort but also for warmth when needed. Some of their insoles are made specifically for high heels. They offers different models. The regular gel insole for high heel, the foam insoles in a 3 pack, the 3/4 insole to prevent it from showing, and the heel high heel gel insole.


Accessories(brushes and laces): 

M&B suede brush, deluxe, multi-feature.

M&B brushes are great for cleaning your shoes as well as applying certain products like the cream polish. The suede multi brush is perfect to remove dirt and soil from every nook and cranny on your shoe. It comes with a one side metal brush and one side bristle brush, with sides made of rubber. They also offer 100% horse hair brushes for polishing. M&B laces come in white sport shoe laces or in yellow and rust work boot laces.


Moneysworth & Best Pro Shine Deluxe Travel Kit

The M&B kits are a great way to start your leather care and also make for a great gift! We carry the Pro Shine Deluxe Kit which includes two polishes (brown & black), one shine brush, two dauber brushes (one for each colour of polish), one shammy cloth, one plastic shoe horn, one zippered black and clear vinyl tote-pouch, and one bonus drawstring shoe bag. We also carry the 4 piece polish kit in brown and black, the Sheepskin kit, and Suede nubuck kit!



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