Modesty Wear In Film

October 28, 2022

Modesty Wear In Film

Modesty wear, a subtle but very important part of film. When actors need to film sex scenes, or show a bit more skin, there are certain rules to follow as to make sure everyone involved is comfortable and protected . One solution often used is modesty wear, pieces of garments that the actors in the scenes must wear. During those scenes, the set is usually closed with the exception of the necessary crew members allowed on set. An intimacy coordinator may also be present to choreograph the scene as well as check in with the actors. Their role is very important as the actors depend on them to make sure everything goes smoothly. Most of these scenes are rehearsed and thoughtfully planned. 

It is the intimacy coordinator's job to be prepared for anything as they are in charge of the actors comfort, safety, and well being. It is a job that must be taken seriously and with the utmost professionalism. They carry a variety of items in their kit, most of which you can buy at wotever inc!


So What Is Modesty Wear? 

The garments are worn to protect and cover the genitals, breasts, and body parts that are not intended and/or wanted to be shown on screen by the production and actors. It is meant to avoid skin-on-skin contact between people for privacy as well as for health and safety reasons. If you need a visual, the end result is very similar to that of a Barbie Doll!



Use On Film Sets

Hibue's and Shibue's are some of the most commonly used modesty wear on productions. They consist of a small piece of fabric covering only the genitals. They are an adhesive strapless thong, made to look seamless and to avoid any unwanted pantylines. They stay in place with the help of 2 sided hypoallergenic tape like topstick or other skin-safe adhesives. Shibue's are the cisgender* female and non-binary*/non cisgender* version as presented in the picture.


Hibue's, while similar, are meant for cisgender male and non-binary/non cisgender people. 

Other popular products you may find in a intimacy coordinator's kit include mole skin, skin safe glues, wet wipes, baby oil, and more.

You can find all of these items at wotever inc!

Products Used In Everyday Life

Modesty wear is not only meant for the production industry. It can be very useful in your everyday life. Hibue's and shibue's were originally made for body paint and modeling. They can also be used during tattoo appointment.
Wotever inc. offers three different colors, black, beige, and mocha and multiple sizes, from small to x-large for Shibue's. Hibue's come in two colors, beige and mocha and from medium to x-large. At wotever inc, we carry disposable and reusable nipple covers in all skin colors, hook bra extensions, seamless underwear, adhesive bras from size A and B, as well as silicone bra inserts, and socks and stockings. Wotever you need, we have!



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*Cisgender (Cis): Denoting or relating to a person whose sense of personal identity and gender corresponds with their birth sex.

*Non-binary: Denoting or relating to a gender or sexual identity that is not defined in terms of traditional binary oppositions such as male and female or homosexual and heterosexual. 

* Non-cisgender (Non-cis): Someone who is not cisgender and does not identify within the gender binary — of man or woman, boy or girl — may identify as nonbinary, genderfluid, genderqueer, or transgender, among other identities.