Leather Care

February 24, 2023

Leather Care

Taking care of your leather fabrics is one of the most important steps to keep it as nice as when you bought it. Multiple products are available on the market, but how do you know which product you need?


If your goal is to protect your shoes from water, salt, and nature, some great products are available at wotever inc.

Clapham's leather dressing made from beeswax, lanolin oil, and Neatsfoot oil is an amazing option to make your leather water repellant. It is perfect for all of your leather like your boots, jackets, or even a saddle. Clapham's leather dressing will be perfect for the job. As well as making your leather water repellant, it will hydrate and revitalize the leather. 

M&B is one of the leading company in leather care. Their wide range of product will surely accommodate whatever you may need. For waterproofing shoes, we recommend using their Mink oil. This product will protect your leather against water, soil, salt residues, and stains.

Tana protector repels the elements and prevent dirt and dust from setting onto the leather. It is made for shoes and comes in a spray bottle for an easy application.

Hydrate and prevent cracking 

To make your leather look almost as good as new, wotever inc. offers a varied range of products. 

Clapham's leather dressing is also a good option to moisturize leather or to use as a base before your polish.


M&B leather lotion and conditioner are great to hydrate and moisturize the leather, giving it a new shiny look that will also prevent cracking.


M&B shine sponge brings a wonderful shine and clean look to your leather. It is super easy to apply and you can use it without worrying about greasy fingers!


Dyes and Polish

M&B carries a spray to change or amplify the color of your leather. The Brillo color spray comes in many colors. 

M&B shoe polish is made for your leather dress, uniform shoes, and other work boots. Its high shine finish with the perfect amount of stain makes it a great choice for your leather.


The Kiwi shoe polish is amongst one of their best seller and most well known products in leather care. It is a highly recommended product by shoe sellers. It helps keep your boots in their best condition and help with the longevity of the shoes. It comes with or without color.


Fiebing's leather Dyes and Dye-prep and Saddle Soap is also a wonderful option for dying and prepping leather. The Dye-prep makes sure your leather is clean and prepared to be dyed. Their liquid dye comes with an applicator to make the dying process easier. Their formula penetrates the leather for a long-lasting effect. You can also prep and clean the leather with their glycerin based Saddle soap. 



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