March 03, 2023


March 8 is International women's day. The celebration started in Austria, Germany, Denmark, and Switzerland on March 19, 1911 but it was only recognized by the UN as an international day in 1975. Since then, Canada has also been celebrating March 8th as IWD. It is a day meant to raise awareness and fight for gender equality, reproductive rights, and the violence and abuse against women. It is also a day to celebrate the great achievements of women in economics and politics as well as their cultural and social impact.

Women's rights in North America

This year's theme for Canada's international women's day is Every woman counts. It is meant to show and bring attention to women's successful contributions. Toronto is also holding a rally on March 4th 2023 at the Oise Auditorium in honor of International women's day.

The fight for equal rights and reproductive health is surprisingly still an issue in 2023, even in Canada. Women still have to fight for an equal pay to their male coworkers, and The USA has taken a huge step back with their new bill making abortions illegal in certain states. It has been a very disappointing year for a lot of woman in North America. 

Women In Film & Television

WIFT-Toronto is an organization whose goal is to help and protect women in the film industry. The film industry is known to be a male dominated field and WIFT is working towards having more women working on it. We are seeing an increase in the number of women behind the scene as the years go by. WIFT is helping women in Toronto and Vancouver work and advance their careers by mentoring, teaching, and supporting women in the industry. 

Unions in the industry are also implementing a Woman's representative and/or a women's committee to protect women in the workplace. 

Nabet 700 has their woman representatives. They are specifically trained to protect women in film.

  • The Women’s Representative is a specifically trained representative who assists women with concerns such as workplace violence and harassment. This individual acts in adherence with company policies and procedures, and provides support for women seeking workplace and community resources, but is not a counsellor. The Women’s Representative may also assist others dealing with similar issues.

*Women's representative in Nabet 700

* BIWOC committee

* Women's committee

IATSE has a women's committee in place to protect and their workers. You can reach out to them at anytime for support.

Wotever Inc.

Wotever inc. is a woman owned business that was established 20 years ago now! It is proud to have provided to Toronto's film industry and to continue to do so in the future! Wotever inc. thanks you for supporting their business thus far and hope to work with you this year as well.



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