Step Into Comfort With Our Insoles!

August 04, 2023

Step Into Comfort With Our Insoles!

Having comfortable shoes is a game changer, especially if you are walking around the city on a daily basis, but sometimes the look of the shoe is prioritized over comfort. To solve this issue, brands like Kiwi and M&B have come out with products to make your running shoes, high heels, and others much more comfortable then they originally were.


2 pairs, Massaging-Gel Insoles. 7-13. Men's

M&B trimmable gel insoles provide cushioning for your active lifestyle! Offers three layers of gel to provide superior shock and impact absorption. The fabric top cloth has a moisture wicking system to keep feet dry and help reduce odor. The thin design fits in most shoes.


Kiwi Ultra Slim Gel Insoles - Clear

The Kiwi 3 in 1 high heel gel insoles has a heel cup that helps balance and absorb shock, an arch support that provides comfort as well as metatarsal support cushions on the ball of foot area. Great for wearing with high heels.


Kiwi Smiling Feet Insole

Kiwi ball of foot gel cushions help prevent burning pain in the foot while wearing high heels shoes. Because they are virtually invisible, you can wear them in all of your fashion shoes, even open-toe sandals!


Moneysworth & Best Gel Heel Grips - 1 pair in packaging

The gel heel grips prevent constant rubbing that can often cause painful blisters and irritation. They also help with fit and stop the heel from slipping in and out of the shoe. Flexible material fits all types of shoes. Super-adhesive keeps insert firmly in place.


white and burgundy box for M&B sheepskin insoles

100% pure lamb's wool insoles. Keeps feet comfortably warm and dry on cold days. Structured undersole has a non-skid effect, preventing your feet from sliping in your shoes. Helps insulate your footwear, wicks away moisture and the plush design offers comfort and support.


Moneysworth & Best Polar Felt Insoles - Men's 12

M&B insoles, polar felt are great insulating cold-weather insole is made up of 2 layers. A felt layer traps heat and cushions the foot. The base of the insole is a woven layer of felt and aluminum that prevents heat loss and guards against dampness. It protects against temperatures of up to -25’C.


Bodico Gel Spot Cushion Insole

Bodico spot cushion insoles are used for any part of your foot where you feel your shoe is rubbing. They are a great solutions for fixing a small problem within a shoe.




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