Get Elita Thermals from Wotever Inc. and Help Support Local Women’s Shelters

February 17, 2021

Elita Thermals from Wotever Inc.

 We’ve all had a tough 12 months. But these unprecedented times have been especially hard on women who are homeless or housing insecure in Canada. With so many women facing uncertainty, it’s time we give back to those in dire need. 

That’s why Wotever Inc. is proud to support “Elita Gives Back”, Elita’s latest initiative to benefit women’s shelters across Canada. When you buy Elita underwear or thermals at Wotever Inc.—both in store and online—you’re helping a person in need get access to basic clothing we take for granted, like underwear. 

Help us make a big impact and ensure women everywhere have their basic needs met.

About “Elita Gives Back”

From now until March 15th, Elita will match each purchase of thermal wear and underwear from Wotever Inc. and donate a much-needed item to Fred Victor as part of the “Elita Gives Back” campaign.

For over 30 years, Elita has been a leading provider and manufacturer of ladies intimate apparel in Canada. All of their products are designed in Canada by women for women. 

Supporting the community—especially women in need—is at the core of their business values. Elita aims to help their clients give back to the community and feel good doing it. 

 Underwear is one of the least-donated items, yet also one of the most-needed items. Elita believes that every woman should have access to basic necessities. 

If you’ve ever wanted to help make a difference, but weren’t sure how, this is your chance

Contribute to Women’s Welfare by Shopping at Wotever Inc.

As a proud independent and woman-owned business, Wotever Inc. is eager to help provide for people in our communities who too often go overlooked.

We carry a wide assortment of thermal wear and underwear from Elita that qualify for the “You Buy One, We Give One” initiative. Help support Fred Victor, an organization that provides housing and shelter for men, women, and families who live in extreme poverty, are marginally housed, or are homeless.


Here are some of our top Elita products that will help support the “Elita Gives Back” initiative:

  • Elita’s microfibre long johns feel like silk, look great, and help prevent moisture buildup in the skin, which decreases body odour and bacteria. 
  • These laser-cut hipster underwear are fashionable and guaranteed to be comfy and wearable.
  • This spaghetti strap camisole and underwear set comes in either beige or porcelain. No matter which colour you choose, it’s still guaranteed to be among the best underwear you’ve ever had.
  • Available in white, black, and beige, Elita's long-sleeve microfibre thermal tops are a revolutionary cold weather apparel design. Made to look and feel like silk, you won’t ever have to sacrifice comfort for warmth again.
  • Elita’s silk briefs for ladies come in beige, ebony and porcelain.

Wotever Inc.’s Dedication to Supporting Local Women

Wotever Inc. is a one-stop-shop that specializes in outdoor gear, rentals and kit supplies for the film, TV, and theatrical industry, as well as sustainable and ethically sourced products for the general public. As a female-owned and operated business, we couldn’t be more proud to play a part in helping local women access basic necessities like underwear.

Help Elita improve women’s welfare across Canada…one pair of underwear at a time. To learn more about the “Elita Gives Back” initiative and our involvement in the campaign, contact us at (416) 461-1033, email us at, or follow us on social media! Don’t forget to check out the hashtag #elitagivesback.