First Aid supplies to replenish your kit!

May 05, 2023

First Aid supplies to replenish your kit!

wotever inc. offers a multitude of items to replenish or start your first aid kit. These items will help you be ready for a medical emergency that may happen around you. Completing the CPR and first aid training is a great way to ensure you have the skills and knowledge to help in a medical emergency.


Johnson & Johnson Inc. Mini First Aid Kit - 12pc

This mini first aid kit is a must have for everyone. Keep it in your car or bag in case of an emergency. It comes with band-aids, alcohol wipes, and gauzes pads. It is the perfect basic first aid kit!



3M Powder-Free Nitrile Medical Gloves

Keeping gloves is also a great way to protect yourself and whoever you may help. wotever inc. carries a variety of nitrile gloves in many sizes for your convenience. 



70% or 99% alcohol is another great items to keep in your first aid kit. It serves as a topical antiseptic for temporary relief of bruises, sprains and muscle aches. Also helps to prevent bed sores; frequent applications tend to harden the skin and thus prevent irritation.


World Famous emergency foil blanket, 80" x 52".This emergency foil blanket is a compact aluminum blanket. It reflects body heat back to you. It is ideal for backpacking, first aid kits, and emergency uses.


Tensor bandage, elastic. 2" x 15'.

This elastic tensor bandage in the color tan reduces strain on muscles, tendons, and joints. It helps suppresses or reduces inflammation by providing localized compression. The antimicrobial treatment inhibits bacteria growth and reduces odor caused by bacteria. Secures quickly and easily with clip, (comes with one elastic clip w/metal ends). Retains elasticity after repeated use and washing.


3M Nexcare Flexible Clear Tape

This roll of clear flexible plastic tape stretches and bends which is great for areas that are normally hard to tape: knees, elbows, fingers etc. It is also used for securing dressings and tubes. 



TYLENOL Extra Strength Travel

A travel pack of Tylenol Extra Strength Tablets. Comes in a 10 pack of 500mg tablets per container. Contains Acetaminophen. Easy to swallow coating. Use for temporary relief of pain and can reduce fever.


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