Clapham's Beeswax

October 07, 2022

Clapham's Beeswax

New arrival at wotever inc! Clapham’s wax and oils are now available in store and online at wotever inc.

Clapham’s beeswax products LTD is a Canadian company established in British Columbia which started as a small, home made business. Over the years their brand has grown into a worldwide company with sellers all across the world. You may find their products in Canada, the United States, England, Japan, & New Zealand. As of today, you may also get your favorite beeswax based products in downtown Toronto at wotever inc. as their first film specialty retailer!


Canadian Artists

Their wax are used by amazing local artists as listed below.


 Backun Musical Services: This Vancouver based company makes wooden clarinets and musical accessories. Backun has been using Clapham’s beeswax polish to get their preferred results for years now. They are renowned worldwide for their high quality musical instruments. Some of their famous clients include Lee Seidner, Nobuaki Motohama, Brian Farias, and Lori Shepherd.

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Ellyn D’Uva: Ellyn is a Canadian nature inspired artist who started her woodworking journey back in 2020. She now makes incredible art pieces from recycled pieces of wood. She is an eco-friendly artist, who makes everything by hand and uses only eco-safe paints and donates some of her profits to Tree Canada! Her preferred wood sealer is the salad bowl wax finish from Clapham’s.

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Peter “Giq-Kalas” Smith: Peter is a Canadian Native artist who has been working as a professional woodworker since 1995. He mastered the art of wood carving and incorporates color and textures to his work. His preferred product is Clapham’s salad bowl finish.

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Other Uses

Beeswax is an all-purpose product used in cosmetics, woodworking, leather work, and much more! They carry a variety of beeswax based products. For the winter, we offer their essential oil fragranced lip balm or their smoothing hand cream! Want to try them, grab the gift box to get 3 of Clapham’s best sellers. 


Some of beeswax's less well known uses include waterproofing shoes, preventing rust on your metal tools, waxing your thread for sewing leather, and more!

Use In Film: 

There is no “Official Polish” for the big Vancouver film industry, but if there was, it would be “Clapham’s Beeswax Polish” 1st, 2nd and 3rd. The paint shops use it on everything! These are very talented people: They put a big effort into making things look beautiful, and they work just as hard to make things look old and crappy. They have found over the years, that they can add all kinds of pigments and fillers to the polish, for an extraordinary range of applications. They added a metallic powder to finish the casino safe in “A Thousand Miles To Graceland.” It was made of plywood, but you’d never know. “Battlestar Galactica” used the polish in a broad range of applications, from space fighter aircraft, to the sorry-looking crew accommodations on a derelict space freighter. Our biggest single movie was “Snow Falling On Cedars”, which featured a full-sized, wood-panelled Court House. It took 40 pails of polish, and looked like a million bucks. As a technical note, they also like the polish because it only takes a few moments to dull down glare in the lens of the camera during filming. This is important. 1

 Available Products At wotever inc.

Salad Bowl Finish:

Our food-grade Beeswax/Carnauba Wax /Mineral Oil finish is suitable for all things wood in the kitchen. This finish protects wood and gives it a soft lustrous shine. It is suitable for salad bowls, butcher blocks, cutting boards, wooden spoons, kitchen counter tops and children’s wooden toys and cribs too. Our Salad Bowl Finish brings out beautiful colours and unique features of the wood it’s applied to.

Apply thinly with your hand, cloth or paper towel. It may take some time to dry depending on the temperature and humidity of your home or workshop, but the piece can be used immediately. When dry, buff to a light shine and ENJOY. Re-apply when the piece looks dry.


Beeswax Furniture Polish:

This is a Museum/Conservation quality product.

In 1991 Clapham’s Beeswax was invited to attend a course put on by the Furniture Conservation Department at the Smithsonian Institution’s Museum Support Centre in Suitland MD, and subsequently returned for two further visits to research conservation quality wood finishes. We were then invited by senior staff to manufacture, label and market it as a Smithsonian product, but we were unable to agree to the terms, and the talks were abandoned by mutual consent.

Our polish is based on an old family recipe from England. It is made from beeswax with a little carnauba wax and deodorized mineral spirit solvent. We use deodorized mineral spirit solvent because it contains no aromatic hydrocarbons, which are carcinogens. It is easy to use and gives a delightful shine on wood, stone, marble & concrete.

Leather Dressing:

Our Beeswax Leather Dressing penetrates leather to make it supple and water repellant. It is suitable for antique and modern leather furniture or books, leather coats, footwear and accessories and perfect for saddles and tack. Even if the leather is dry, it will absorb a surprising amount of Leather Dressing. It brings dry, dull, brittle and/or lifeless leather right back to life. Once the leather is restored, you can give it a brighter shine with a coat of shoe polish. Our suggestion is to apply the Leather Dressing using a shop towel, paper towel or cotton cloth.


Body Care: 

Hand Cream: Our Beeswax Hand Cream is rich with ingredients which will soothe and protect your skin whether your hands, feet, face or your baby’s you-know-what! First formulated for nurses who frequently wash their hands and therefore need the extra protection. It is great for diabetics and those who work outside in winter-in construction or warehouse work and gardening etc.

Use it two or three times a day and you will notice the improvement of your skin within a week. Mildly scented with natural essential oils of lavender and rosemary.

Lip Balm: These hand-poured lip balms are available in three different flavors to choose from: Peppermint, Tea Tree, and Propolis. They are all natural and made in small batches.



Salve: Propolis is a resinous mixture that bees make for sealing a hive. Historically it has been used as a remedy for fungal infections and wound healing. Propolis is a wonder ingredient… anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant among other things. We make no formal claims about this product except to say that it contains propolis and that it is intended to help people. 


Contact us

 Contact us at (416) 461-1033, email us at, or follow us on social media! And don’t forget to visit our store in-person or shop online to see our massive selection of proudly Canadian products.


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