Canadian Women in Film: 4 Groundbreaking Women You Should Know About

March 08, 2021

Canadian Women in Film: 4 Groundbreaking Women You Should Know About

International Women's Day is a all about celebrating women’s achievements in all spheres, whether that’s social, cultural, artistic, or political. 

But it’s also an important reminder that we still have a long way to go in achieving gender parity. 

As an independent women-owned business and proud supporter of the film industry, we at Wotever Inc. couldn’t be happier to celebrate Canadian women in film who have demonstrated excellence, talent, and unparalleled skill in their respective crafts. 

If you haven’t already heard of these four ground-breaking women, it’s about time that you familiar yourself with them!

1. Emily Ramsay – Documentarian

An independent producer and writer form Ottawa, Emily Ramsay has focused on documentary productions that foreground women's stories. 

Her recent documentary series, “Vs.: Women in Combat Sports” follows amateur female combat sports and martial arts athletes in Ottawa and has a second season on the way. Catch it on Bell TV1 and FITE TV. 

Emily has also produced content for the blind and partially sighted, allowing her to focus her talents again on supporting underserved communities.

2. Jenna Neepin – Director

Jenna is a Cree First Nation director and writer from Winnipeg, who, alongside her sister, runs a production company, JJNeepinFilms Inc. 

Jenna’s work can be viewed on the CBC. Her short film “Headdress” had its world premier at the 2017 Hot Docs Film Festival. Jenna also directed a variety of documentary television programs. 

She was a participant of the Academy of Canadian Cinema & Television’s Women Directors apprenticeship and the Women in the Directors Chair – Story & Leadership program. 

3. Allie MacDonald – Singer, Actress, and Musician

Allie MacDonald is a multi-talented award-winning actor who garnered praise for her role in the CTV detective drama “Cardinal”. She took home the Best Supporting Actress Award at the 2018 Canadian Screen Awards.

4. Andrea Bang – Actress

Born to Korean immigrant parents in Burnaby, British Columbia, Andrea Bang has been a staple of Canadian television ever since she first earned renown for her portrayal of Janet Kim in “Kim’s Convenience”. 

She’s since worked in a variety of short and independent films, as well as tried her hand at directing.  

How We’re Helping to Create Women-Centred Art This International Women’s Day in Canada

Whether it’s International Women’s Day—or any day, for that matter—it’s absolutely a must that we pay Canadian women in film the respect they deserve. 

At Wotever Inc., we’re committed to supporting women of all backgrounds and identities

We feature sustainable and ethically sourced products, and part of our mandate is to promote Canadian brands, especially those owned and operated by women and people of colour. 

Wotever Inc. is also a stout supporter of the arts and we love playing a role in getting more women-centred and women-run productions on stage and on screen. 

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