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December 01, 2023

Buy The look!

Stay warm and stylish with these incredible products. Shop for these amazing items and recreate this look. Includes products from renowned brands like Canada Goose, Auclair, Skhoop, Bleuforet, and more!


Canada Goose Simcoe Shirt Jacket

Canada Goose Simcoe Shirt Jacket High Pile Fleece

The Simcoe shirt jacket made with high-kind fleece, a next generation fleece from Canada Goose made primarily of recycled wool and bio-based fibres to support our continued mission of reducing our impact on the planet. It has a classic shirt jacket silhouette, two snap-closure patch pockets and a fold-over collar. It also includes: Bartack stitching reinforces pocket entry.

Canada Goose Tundra Ladies Pants

Canada Goose Ladies tundra Down Pants in Black

The Tundra pants form Canada Goose are a must-have for winter! No matter your environment or activity, wild winds and frigid temperatures can slice through pants to freeze the skin on your legs in moments. In these extreme cold weather conditions, the insulated Tundra Down Pant is the ideal partner for your Canada Goose parka. You can see it is perfectly paired with the Dawson Parka


Skhoop "Maya" Shirt

Skhoop "Maya" Shirt

The Maya Shirt from Skhoop is a high quality classic plaid shirt with a feminine fit. It works well with your favorite skirt, the Maya also pairs well with your favorite SKHOOP vest, or in this case, with the Simcoe and Tundra Pants from Canada Goose.


 Auclair Amber Flip-Mitts

Auclair Amber Flip-Mitt

The Amber mitts are great way to elevate your winter wardrobe with this trendy and versatile accessory. The flip top design adds a touch of functionality, allowing you to effortlessly transition from mittens to fingerless gloves. With its inseam construction, this mitt ensures long-lasting durability. The acrylic Berber fleece cuff adds a cozy and stylish element.


Bleuforet Cashmere Blend Socks

Bleuforet Women's Cashmere Socks in Bordeaux

Bleuforet manufactures high quality socks form amazing material like cashmere! These cashmere socks will keep you warm through this autumn and winter. Get the same soft feeling of your cashmere pullovers from your socks. Make these cashmere socks part of your wardrobe and say goodbye to cold feet. Made in France!

Laska Knit Toque

Laska Knit Toque w/ Red Stripe

This classic looking toque form Laska is the perfect winter toque. It will keep you warm and stylish during the colde season. It is a single Knit Toque with red strips. Lines with Polar Fleece. One Size. Grey with White Pom Pom . Made with mix of wool & acrylic.


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