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Spring is the season of new beginnings. After the long winter months, Spring welcomes hotter temperatures, longer days, new growth in plants & crops, animals coming out of hibernation, as well as birds migrating towards the north, back to the warmer climates.

 The season  of Spring was previously known as Lent, a term originating from the Old English word Lengten, meaning "to make longer or greater in length" representing the days getting longer. In the 14th century, the term Springing time was first started being used to replace the name Lent. In 1520, Springing time was used to describe the season we now now as Spring as it represented "the act or time of springing or appearing" also known as "the first appearance, the beginning, birth, rise, or origin". Over time the name shorten to Spring time, and then simply to Spring.

Spring is the Season between winter and summer. It begins on the Vernal Equinox, which is the date where the day and night are of equal length, and ends ends on the Summer Solstice. On the Southern Hemisphere, Spring lasts from September 22nd or 23rd and December 22nd or 23rd.

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 Rain Gear:

The Windproof hands-free inverted umbrella

Windproof Hands-Free Inverted Umbrella

An umbrella for the 21st century! Your forearm fits through the loop in the c-shaped handle leaving both of your hands free, so you can easily answer your phone while still holding your coffee (admit it, you've been there). It's free-standing when collapsed, allowing excess water to drip away quickly. "Inverted" design means this umbrella collapses toward the tip rather than the handle. The two-tone design is black on the outside, with a pop of colour on the inside.

 M&B Rubber Shoe Cover "Metro" Style

M&B, rubber overshoes, "Metro" style. 1 pair. Black. Men's

The finest stretch rubber overshoe, 100% water proof! M&B, rubber overshoes, "Metro" style in black. Comes with 1 pair of real looking moccasins that have a traditional tongue styling for full coverage and protection of the shoes.



 DLX Hawkings Packable Raincoat

DLX Hawkings Packable Raincoat

Men's high tech packaway waterproof jacket comes with an accompanying pouch that you can easily pack it away into and great for traveling.Designed for use in changing or unexpected challenging weather, the outer shell is windproof, waterproof to 15,000mm and has taped seams at the stitching. Fitted with a hood and water repellent front zip as well, a breathability rating of 10,000mvp reduces condensation build-up inside the jacket caused by sweat.Other features include an adjustable drawcord at the hem, 2 lower zipped pockets and stretch binding around the cuffs and hood.

Gardening and outdoor tools: 

Gardening Gloves

Boss Gardening Gloves. Large. Ladies

One pair of green and yellow  work/gardening gloves. Made of vinyl and cotton, Ladies Large. Perfect for working outside, cleaning up the lawn, gardening, and more!


Wilderness Elite, 12-in-1, multi-tool

Wilderness Elite 12-in-1 Multi-Tool

Contains 12 tools - Long Nose Pliers - Standard Pliers - Wire Cutter - Knife - Serrated Knife - Saw - Bottle Opener - Can Opener - Medium Screwdriver - Philips Screwdriver - Large Screwdriver - File Ergonomic grip and carrying pouch with belt loop included.

Home essentials Reach Tool

Home Essentials Pick-up & Reach Tool

The home essentials Reach tool measure 35" in length. The prefect plastic pick-up and reach pole that grants you easy access to items when mobility or distance is an issue. Great for gardening, cleaning, and more!



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