All About Dylon Dyes

June 02, 2023

All About Dylon Dyes

Dylon dyes, previously known as Dye of London, was founded in 1946 during the post war era in Britain. The company got popular amongst the population for its make-dos-and-mends use. Over the years, Dylon popularity reached the rest of the world and the company was able to start selling their products in over 70 countries! Trends come and go but the dye always found a purpose, whether it was for tie-dyes, film set uses, upcycling clothing, or any other projects you may be working on!


Multi Purpose Dye:

Dylon multipurpose Dye, is amazing to dye not only synthetic fabrics like Elastane and Nylon, but also natural fabric like Cotton, Linen, Wool, and Silk!

You can even use it for crafting projects and dye Feathers, Raffia, Plastic buttons, and even wood!


Hand Dye/natural fabric Dye:

Dylon Natural Fabric Dye

DYLON Fabric Dyes for hand use are perfectly suited for smaller items like shorts, vests or socks, and for delicates you’d rather not put in the machine like wool and silk. You have a rainbow of beautiful colours to choose from, and whether you’re refreshing an army of black socks or want an uplifting hit of colour with vibrant tights you can be sure of beautiful colour and permanent results you’ll be happy to show off!

 Dylon Cold water Dye:

Dylon, Cold Water Dye, 10g tin, Leaf Green, #A24

This 10g can of dye is great to dye most natural fabrics and you can do so in cold water! Perfect for smaller projects, long lasting colours with a vibrant result!


SOS Colour Run Remover:

Dylon Colour Run Remover 2 pack

The SOS Colour Run is made to rescues coloured items stained by colour runs. Colour runs can have a devastating effect on clothes. Luckily, Dylon Colour Run Remover, removes most colour runs and restores your clothes to their rightful shade. Its pH balanced, colour safe formula, means that coloured items, and delicates like wool & silk can be treated together and fabrics are left beautifully clean with a fresh fragrance!




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