Cool Canuck Cooling Towel. White


Our 15" x 25", (38.1 cm x 63.5 cm), and 10" x 36" Cooling Towel is a great size for cooling down while working out, participating in hot yoga or playing a round of golf. The large rectangular shape creates a generous surface area for maximum cooling or longer more narrow shape for neck and shoulders. The fabric will absorb a reasonable amount of water without feeling wet to the touch. Cooling will typically last 2-3 hours. Occassionally a towel will need to be re-activated by re-snapping or re-wetting. Our cooling towels are made with a patented chemical-free cooling fabric technology. To activate the fabric, simply wet it, wring it, snap it! Patented technology. Reduces ambient temperature by 20-30%. 50+ UPF protection. Machine wash, no fabric softener. Made in USA
Cool Canuck Towel Sizes