Aeroxon Pantry Moth Trap 2 Pack


Aeroxon pantry moth trap, (2 pack). Odorless, insecticide free. The Aeroxon Pantry Moth Trap effectively lures and captures adult Indian Meal Moths (often called bird seed moths), Mediterranean Flour Moths, almond and tobacco moths in kitchens and pantries. The moths's larva can infest all dry foods: walnuts, cereals, chocolate, cookies, herbs, tea, grains, pet foods etc. The trap works through a biochemical method which is odourless and absolutely natural. It is safe right next to foods. A sexual attractant, (pheromone), simulating the natural female pheromone, draws the male moths to the sticky surface where they become trapped. These male moths are then prevented from mating with any female moths, thereby reducing any new infestations. Long-term use of the Flour & Pantry Moth Trap will reduce troubling infestations without the use of toxic chemicals.