Nudy Patooty Seamless, Short Sleeve Ladies Undershirt

The Signature Seamless Undershirt is a seamless layering tee perfect for women on the go, who want that extra sweat protection. A laser cut sleeve means your undershirt will be invisible under your wardrobe sleeves, while signature Sweat Secret™ Technology keeps you comfortable, and your clothes clean all day. The Signature Seamless Undershirt is your solution on how to stop sweat stains on silk blouses and other delicate pieces. Perfect for everyday wear from the gym to the office. Comes in black, nude or white.

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Category: Clothing, Clothing Accessories, Comfort, invisible undershirt, sweat guard, sweat protection, sweat shield, sweat shielding, Thermal, Thermals, Tops, undershirt, Underwear

Type: Top

Vendor: Nudy Patooty

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