4.23 oz/119.9 g, Rough Skin formula foot mousse.


Formulated to combat two common conditions assosiated with feet: dryness and fungal infections. This formula contains urea to prevent dry skin as well as clotrimazole for relief of itching, scaling, cracking, burning, redness and irritation associated with fungal infections. Heals the dry chaffing, flaky skin on feet that comes from foot fungus and athletes foot fungus. It binds more moisture into your skin making it more elastic, supple and resistant. This product is absorbed into the skin immediately without leaving your feet feeling greasy. The creamy, silky mousse is easy to use and makes your feet feel comfortable. This is a natural product free of perfumes and preservatives. It prevents and controls the growth and spread of fungul infection and foot fungus. Ignoring dry scaly skin, foot fungus and athlete's foot fungus infections could lead to serious consequences and foot problems. With the use of Footlogix, even diabetics and people who suffer from excema can maintain healthy, soft and supple skin on the feet. Diabetic Foot Syndrome is a condition, which develops, often unnoticed, over a long period of time and may lead to open ulcers and sores which are difficult to heal.