1 pair, Coolmax Air Socks.


J.B.Fields socks, air socks coolmax, 1 pair, white. Mens size 8 - 12/ladies size 9-13. Design and manufacture of socks has advanced rapidly in the past few years, and J.B. Field’s has been a leader in this advancement. Development of computer controlled sock machines now makes it possible to knit a sock with a specific yarn and stitch selected for each part of the sock. For example, the inner layer may be a cushioning terry knit, varying between a high density on the sole for maximum cushioning to a low density on the leg for comfort. The inner surface of the sock may be a soft long staple merino wool, for comfort and moisture control, and the outer surface a wool-nylon mix for wear resistance. Heel and toe and the section underneath the lacing of the boot can be additionally reinforced for wear. The ankle and arch may be supported by elastic for comfort and to ensure the sock stays in place. Good design requires a good understanding of yarns and their properties, and of the nature of socks in use. This understanding comes from extensive laboratory tests of yarns and of knitted fabrics, and field testing of socks. J.B. Field’s socks are made with the right yarn in the right place, with the right knit, for each specific sock and its use
Sock Sizes & Gender-GCSC